Thinking Through GC

A special GC post for Monday’s Penny…

Like many of my fellow Methodists, I’m both praying for and scratching my head at the goings on at General Conference. My temptation is to rush into some analysis, which would probably be quite passionate but devoid of anything helpful.

Piling frustration on fatigue never helps anyone–much less the delegates that have been representing us. Regardless of how you feel about what GC did or did not accomplish, I think the thing for us to do is take a step back and let things settle. Let’s go to work on Sunday (or whenever) to make and be disciples, and let’s reserve the judgment and rhetoric in the meantime. I’ll post some more considered thoughts on Monday.

For now, onward and upward.

One thought on “Thinking Through GC

  1. Good idea! I’ll add that we should all go out and enjoy some Mexican food on this Cinco de Mayo. I know I always feel better after a taco or two 🙂

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