AC Playlist

                It’s Annual Conference week for United Methodists in Arkansas! And nothing helps me both celebrate the good times with friends and make it through the bizarre (not to mention slightly shady) times of the business sessions than music. So while we argue—likely over the dubious budget proposal slipped in last minute—I’ll have a soundtrack of happiness playing in my head. Should something worth of writing about happen, I’ll try to post about it in real time. Until then, here’s what I’ll be listening to and why:

“Jimmie’s Still Jimmie” by Joel Plaskett (“Knock me unconscious/remove my conscience/wake me up later/and let me go home”)

“Are You Gonna Waste My Time?” by Zeus

“Highwire” by Gin Blossoms (I don’t want to walk on that highwire if they ain’t gonna let us down”)

“Perfect Piggies” by Adam Bryant (props to George Orwell)

“Costa Rica” by Vince Vaccarro (“I’ve grown tired of singing songs that I don’t believe in anymore”)

“Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard” by Paul Simon (“I’m on my way/I don’t know where I’m going”)

“Helpless” by Sugar (“Sometimes I’d like to help you/but you seem less than helpless”)

“Rise Above This” by Seether (“Call your name every day when I’m feeling helpless/I’ve fallen down but I’ll rise above this”)

“The Middle” by Jimmy Eat World (“Hey, don’t write yourself off yet”)

“On Down the Line” by Patty Loveless (“I can’t get no satisfaction and my tractor don’t get no traction/ just doin’ the best I can/ just tryin’ to make a stand/laughin’ and cryin’, livin’ and dyin’ on down the line”)

“Save a Prayer” by the Mavericks

“Swing the Cellar Door” (“Before you leave I need you to see/all that you mean/you could hardly believe it”)

“Santa Monica” by Everclear (“I don’t want to be the bad guy/I don’t want to do your sleepwalk dance anymore”)

One thought on “AC Playlist

  1. The song in my head this weekend for a number of reasons now including AC. John Mayer…Waiting on the World to Change.

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