Slow up


Today I’m in a hurry to get to a place I can rest. I’m in a plane 31,000 feet above northern Alabama, hurtling through the sky at 509 MPH, all so that I can make it to a conference with other campus ministers who are, like me, exhausted from the semester and in need of a break.
Ironic, isn’t it? To travel with such speed and haste in search of rest. And even more ironic that this flight, like most of my life, is moving at a speed much faster than my experience would suggest. I won’t really notice we are flying until the plane slows down enough for me to shift momentum.
It’s a metaphor that fits almost every adult I know, from college freshman to retired mechanic. Busy-ness is epidemic, and I find it hard to cure, especially in myself. To slow down is to risk appearing lazy, or worse, unsuccessful.
But I want to secure could not be found in a different way. Perhaps, instead of asking, “what could we cut out so that we’re not so busy?” we should be asking, “What possibilities open up for us if we make time for them?”
I plan to research that question a little bit this week I hope you can make time to do the same, wherever life has you.

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